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Bath is within close travelling distance of all the UK's major cities, motorways and airports, and we offer you instructions on how best to get to us from your arrival destination.

Directions by car

From the M4, take the Bath exit Junction 18 (A46 to Bath), winding through the green hills surrounding Bath. From the A46, take the Bath exit, through the big roundabout and on the the A4 (London Road), where you must stay despite all efforts to draw you around the outskirts. You will be driving along with the other traffic until you come to a large traffic lit intersection. Follow signs for City Centre and all attractions, which will lead you right to our apartments.

Directions by rail and air

Bristol International Airport
There is a shuttle bus that runs every 20 minutes from Bristol International Airport into the centre of Bristol, dropping you off at Bristol Temple Meads Train Station. From there the train takes approximately 13 minutes to Bath Spa Train Station.

Heathrow Airport
There are two ways of taking the train from Healthrow to Bath.
Take the coach (bus) from Heathrow to Reading, then take the train from Reading to Bath Spa Station. The coach trip takes about 50 minutes; the train from Reading to Bath takes about one hour.

Take the train from the station at Healthrow. This takes you into Paddington Station in London (taking about 20 minutes), where you then take a train direct from Paddington to Bath Spa Station which takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.

You need to check which terminal you are coming in to (flights from the US are usually into Terminal 4) and at what terminal the train station is located.

Gatwick Airport
There is a train station in Gatwick airport. You will take a train to Reading, where you must change over to another train from Reading to Bath Spa Station. Connections are frequent and not difficult. The entire journey takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

If you are coming from the US, it is best to book the train journey from the US as there are cost savng schemes available there that are not available in the UK. This may be true of other countries too.

You can also book fare-saver tickets (Apex and Super Apex) by calling direct to the train information line in England: Dial (011 44) 345 48 49. There is a BritRail Office and telephone number in the US which should be available from any travel agency.

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